Communication Software for
Architecture & GeoDesign

Quickly create images, videos and real-time presentations of your
Architecture, Landscape, Urban and Infrastructure designs

Tell a Better Story

Easily share engaging experiences with images, videos and live streaming.

Photographic Environments

Enjoy high quality graphics with real-time natural lighting.

Work in Your Design System

Nothing to learn! Quickly bring your scenes to life using tools you know.

Your Projects in Context

Use the vast content library to rapidly create an environment for your designs.

LumenRT is our communication tool of choice. It lets us easily produce professional videos and interactive experiences that empower the audience and provide in-depth understanding of our projects. Kurt Stiles, Project Manager - Visual Engineering Resource Group, WS Dept of Transportation

Tell a Better Story

LumenRT offers the perfect combination of tools to rapidly create photographic images and ultra-high definition videos of your projects.

Create immersive experiences (LiveCube™) with the press of a button and share on any web-enabled device.

LumenRT's impressive ability to quickly construct large scale interactive visualizations from any CAD or GIS source helps us efficiently present the design intent and environmental impact to a wide variety of audiences. J.D. D'Arville, GIS Administrator - Alabama Dept of Transportation

Photographic Environments

With the incorporation of e-on software’s breakthrough DIVE™ (Dynamic Immersive Visualization Engine) technology, rapidly deliver attention-grabbing presentations of photographic quality.

Bring your stories to life in animated 3D environments, rich with wind-swept plants, seasonal trees, rolling clouds, rippling water, deep shadows and beautiful light.

LumenRT lets us create great looking videos, screenshots and interactive scenes of our CityEngine and SketchUp models, quickly and easily. Elliot Hartley, Director - Garsdale Design Limited

Work Directly
in Your Design Software

Create Immersive GeoDesign scenes directly in your CAD/BIM/GIS systems; LumenRT understands all geometry, layers, lighting, sections, cameras, and BIM attributes of your designs. Simply press the "Easy Button" and watch your designs come to life.

LumenRT is compatible with all 3D applications and directly plugs into Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Bentley MicroStation, Autodesk Revit, E-on Software VUE, Esri CityEngine and Trimble Sketchup.

LumenRT is possibly the best thing that happened to BIM since BIM itself, by allowing the exploration of BIM scenes in real-time with a true-to-life environment. Ivo Venkov, Architect & Founder - PAA Studio

Show Your Projects in Context

Given the growing importance of sustainable, eco-friendly design, users need more powerful tools to design in the actual environmental context.

With LumenRT, complement your designs using a comprehensive set of tools for building natural 3D environments around your projects.

LumenRT allows clients and contractors to understand my designs in a way that drawings and CAD models never could! Nick Sonder, Architect