In Short

Design with NaturePlace designs in a rich natural context by adding seasonal trees, moving vehicles, animated characters, wind-blown skies and terrains.

Create Images and VideosOutput super HD high-fidelity images and videos up to 3840 x 2160.

Share ExperiencesShare 3D Immersive LiveCubes™ with clients and colleagues.

Captivating PresentationsCreate walk-thru presentations complete with layering, sectioning, and BIM information.

Huge Content LibraryEnrich your scenes with the built-in library of plants, people, vehicles... (Show library)

Import 3D ContentImport static objects using 3D formats (.obj, .fbx, .dae, .vob, .3ds) including rigged animated content.

Custom terrainsImport custom terrains height maps direclty from CityEngine.

TrafficDisplay real-time traffic animations using MicroStation Traffic or VISSIM.

LightingPerform lighting and time-of-day studies thanks to advanced photometric and IES lighting simulation.

What's New in LumenRT 2015.5

Up to 20x FasterMassive optimizations of the LumenRT Real-Time engine result in smoother playback of LiveCubes™.

PlantFactory 2015 CompatibilityEdit and animate new LumenRT plant species. Seamlessly edit LumenRT plants in PlantFactory*. Create and save new species directly to your LumenRT library. (Watch video)

NEW Integration PluginsLumenRT 2015.5 is now compatible with Esri CityEngine 2015 and Autodesk Revit 2016.

Updated Integration PluginsLumenRT 2015.5 is now compatible with MicroStation 64Bit, adds support for SketchUP large model export (containing more than 50,000 objects) and adds lighting support for ArchiCad.

NEW and Updated Content LibraryLumenRT 2015.5 ships with a set of new plant species, and all existing plants are optimized for the new Real-time engine. (Show library)

Precise PositioningNew numerical position, orientation and scale inputs let you precisely place your imported content in the LumenRT scene.

* PlantFactory Studio and Producer only


LumenRT is seamlessly integrated into many of the major CAD/GIS systems enabling you to author directly in your program of choice. This allows you to take advantage of LumenRT's materials and library of nature content. You can easily add the scenery that brings your models to life without having to worry about importing and exporting files between different software.

Works with All 3D Apps

On top of connecting directly into the main CAD applications, LumenRT natively imports content from all popular 3D applications using standard 3D file formats.

Key Features


Patented Light Technologies The LumenRT DIVE™ platform accurately renders the interaction between natural day and night light with rich atmospheric volume.

Real-time Global Illumination Creates natural ambient shadows for all objects in your scene.

Adjustable Time of Day Perform light and shadow studies with LumenRT's adjustable Sun, accurately set using NREL's solar positioning algorithms.

IES Point and Spot Lights Includes point and spot lights that are fully adjustable with IES lighting profiles.

Light Groups Organized your lights into groups for easy on/off and automatic toggle settings.

Lens Flares Anamorphic streaks and lens flares are fully adjustable for sun light and artificial lights.

Accurate Reflections Efficient rendering of both extremely bright and dark areas without loss of detail.

Anti-aliasing and Motion Blur The use of high-performance anti-aliasing and motion blur creates images of exceptional clarity and realism.

Depth of Field Camera focal distance is fully adjustable to create eye pleasing depth of field effects.

Luminous Materials Luminosity settings can be adjusted on all materials to give the appearance of light. Useful for objects such as TV screens. Fires and lit windows.

Advanced Material Rendering LumenRT's material engine enables advanced options such as bump maps, specular highlights, reflections and transparency control.


People and AnimalsVast selection of animated characters and animals performing day to day activities help bring your scene to life.

Moving VehiclesCars trucks and buses, available as both stationary and moving, help add more life and reality to your scenes.

Custom Object Animation PathsAnimate characters, vehicles and animals with ease using the object animation path tool.

Indoor and Outdoor ObjectsChoose from a large selection of common everyday objects such as light fixtures, furniture, fences, and background buildings to fill out your scenes.

EcoPainterPaint collections of any object type such as trees, vehicles and characters with simple bush strokes to quickly create large populations.

Dynamic Terrain ResponseObjects have intelligent terrain response so that they automatically reposition themselves as the terrain geometry changes.


Animated VegetationThrough the use of E-On Software's The Plant Factory, animated trees and shrubs responsive to wind and seasons are now available in LumenRT.

Plant Factory IntegrationCreate your own custom plants and import them into LumenRT.

Open Sea PlaneAn infinite ocean and sea plane can be added to the scene with adjustable agitation and speed properties.

Water EffectsWater materials with realistic caustics are available including lakes, ponds, and pools.

Photo-realistic SkiesLumenRT with Vue technology is able to generate high resolution 3D skies with a variety of realistic atmospheric effects such as fog and haze.

Night Skies and Moonlight Easily switch from Night to Day with a single click. Enjoy moonlit skies with twinkling stars.

Terrains Sculpt beautiful terrain formations with rich materials and animated grass groundcovers.

Terrain Height Maps Import height maps from CityEngine to drive the creation of sculptable terrains.


Seamlessly Integrated with the Leading CAD/GIS Systems Supports deep integration with Autodesk Revit, Bentley MicroStation, Esri CityEngine, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, and Trimble SketchUp.

Comprehensive Export Includes the export of geometries, materials, LumenRT proxies, lights, cameras, layers, and BIM information.

LumenRT Proxy Libraries Low-definition plants, vehicles, and characters can be placed in the source CAD/GIS system file and converted automatically to high-definition objects in LumenRT.

Smart Export Synchronization Allows source CAD/GIS model changes to be intelligently merged into the LiveCube while preserving existing scene geometry and edits.

Large Scale Scenery Create vast scenes in high definition without losing quality or increasing rendering time.

Traffic Simulation Export MicroStation Traffic and VISSIM simulations into LumenRT.

Section Planes Add section planes to dynamically create cross-sections views of the entire scene.

Layers Switch layers on or off to expose various parts of the scene.

BIM Information Highlight scene objects to display top-level BIM label information.

Object Import Import objects using industry standard 3D formats (.obj, .dae, .fbx).


Easily Share Your Projects LumenRT real-time LiveCube environments can be packaged into self-contained executables that can be run independently on any computer or streamed across the web.

Explore Designs in Real-time Navigate your 3D photorealistic environments in real-time through LumenRT's walk-through and fly-through modes.

Camera Animation Paths Easily create smooth animation paths directly inside LiveCube and preview them in real-time.

Create HD Movies and Images The built in editor allows you to composite videos and images together for professional looking results.

What's New

Dynamic Immersive Visualization Engine - DIVE ™ Dynamic Immersive Visualization Engine (DIVE™) combines E-On Software's industry leading software for digital nature. 3D atmospheres, sculptable terrains, and PlantFactory™ vegetation combined form a powerful solution that delivers higher levels of natural realism with cutting-edge real-time rendering.

Interactive Authoring and Editing Authoring and edit directly inside the LiveCube™. Add plants, vehicles and characters as easily as painting with a brush. Edit individual material properties or load pre-made materials from the LumenRT material library.

Sculptable Terrains A variety of terrains are now available to start off all LumenRT scenes. Easily customize each terrain by scultping the land and painting with your choice of several material presets by just a swipe of the brush tool.

Seasonal PlantFactory™ Vegetation Move the date slider and watch the foliage turn from spring to fall. LumenRT 2015 utilizes e-on's industry leading PlantFactory™ technology and allows users to create their own custom plants and trees with the optional PlantFactory add-on.

Graphisoft ArchiCAD Integration E-on software is pleased to announce support for Graphisoft ArchiCAD, one of leading BIM systems in use today. The ArchiCAD LumenRT plugin exports all ArchiCAD models and BIM information and includes a complete LumenRT content library. Supports ArchiCAD 17 & 18.

BIM "In-A-Box" LumenRT 2015 incorporates a much richer set of BIM information and capabilities including attributes, layers and section planes.

Animation Paths Any object in LumenRT can be fully animated using the innovative animation path painter. Simply select an object and paint the desired animation path by clicking waypoints anywhere in the scene.

Advanced Vehicle Traffic Animation Support Import MicroStation Traffic and VISSIM animation paths for large scale traffic simulations. Additionally, LumenRT 2015 contains enhanced support for jitter-free pavement markings.

Animated 3D Skies and Water LumenRT 2015 contains fully animated 3D skies with adjustable cloud densities and patterns. A more life-like sea water generator has been added with adjustable wave patterns and shore foam.

Enhanced Content Library The new LumenRT 2015 content library features a huge array of indoor and outdoor objects and many new fully animated characters, animals, vehicles. Vehicles now have moving wheels and lights (show content library).