• LumenRT real-time render

  • LumenRT real-time render

  • LumenRT real-time render

The Fusion of Light, Life, Nature and Design

The essence of Immersive Nature is to harmonize the design world with the natural world around us.

Through the fusion of light, life, nature, and design, LumenRT delivers a complete natural environmental context for projects ranging from single-family homes to entire cities and infrastructure.

With features such as wind-animated plants and trees, characters and animals, water, cloud-filled skies, day/night lighting, and unsurpassed quality and realism, LumenRT quickly transforms your models into compelling immersive experiences, videos, and images that will impress clients and colleagues alike.

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Introducing LumenRT Studio – Transform Ordinary into Extraordinary!

E-on software proudly announces LumenRT Studio – the most comprehensive system for transforming 3D models and designs into rich, nature-filled videos, images and real-time immersive media.

Developed by the leading provider of natural scenery technology for the CG and movie industry, e-on Software’s LumenRT 4 Studio delivers breathtaking realism, superior performance, and ground-breaking ease of use.

This new release offers numerous enhancements and new capabilities such as integration with Bentley MicroStation and Autodesk Revit, a new animation editor which allows users to create custom animations directly inside the LiveCube and a full set of advanced lighting capabilities. Key new features include:

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Solutions for Your Market

LumenRT works effectively across a number of solution areas including Architecture, Industrial Design, Landscape Design, Transit Design and Urban Design.

See how LumenRT delivers results in each of these solutions by clicking the links below:


Transit Design

Industrial Design

Landscape Design

Urban Design


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“On a scale of one to ten, LumenRT might be an eleven! The LiveCube allows clients and contractors to under-stand my designs in a way that drawings and CAD models never could.” - Nick Sonder, Architect

Learn how award winning architect Nick Sonder uses LumenRT to transform his entire Design/Build process. Watch Now >>

"LumenRT is a gate to a new World of emotions! Architecture is all about emotions."
- Marcin Rybak, Archimodes

Marcin Rybak, a Polish Designer and Architect, explains how LumenRT revolutionized his approach to Architecture, and helped him sell his designs faster and more effectively. Read more >>

“Once, ConstruReal urgently needed some stills to present during a meeting with the board. All we had to do was take nice snapshots from our LiveCube and within 20 min, the ConstruReal heads were presenting them to the board!" - Ana Lucía González, Cromat Studio

Cromat CG Architecture Studio tells us about their use of LumenRT on the Paradisus Project. Read more >>

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