LumenRT GeoDesign Plug-in

LumenRT GeoDesign is a plug-in for LumenRT that delivers high-fidelity Immersive Nature for ESRI CityEngine users.

Seamlessly integrated into ESRI CityEngine (the leading solution for City Planners and Urban Design), LumenRT GeoDesign adds rich natural elements including wind-blown plants and trees, moving vehicles, animated people, lights, water, and skies directly to CityEngine scenes.

With a single command, the entire scene is transformed into an immersive, interactive LiveCube™ allowing clients, customers, contractors, and colleagues to explore designs in vivid photorealistic 3D.

Video of ESRI CityEngine rendered live in LumenRT GeoDesign

With LumenRT GeoDesign, users can:

  • Create urban scenes surrounded in a complete natural environmental context
  • Perform lighting and time-of-day shadow studies
  • Add wave-animated water such as ponds, lakes, and rivers
  • Build detailed streets and intersections complete with moving vehicles and street lighting
  • Design parks and forests with thousands of wind-animated trees
  • Author attention grabbing videos and images for presentations
  • Share designs with anyone using a PC or Mac

ESRI CityEngine Integration

LumenRT GeoDesign contains an Immersive Nature rule base that is fully integrated into ESRI CityEngine. The rule base allows users to inject Immersive Nature content directly into CityEngine scenes and handles all the underlying complexities such as aligning trees along sidewalks and medians, adding lights to buildings and street lamps, placing vehicles on streets, and converting rivers and ponds to animated bodies of water.

Fully documented with step-by-step examples, the LumenRT GeoDesign Immersive Nature rule-base works with all existing CityEngine scenes and rule bases from CityEngine 2010 forward.

Sample CityEngine Scenes

Included with LumenRT GeoDesign are three example scenes – CityScape, Landscape, and Modern Streets which illustrate the usage of LumenRT with CityEngine.

Comprehensive Capabilities

For a complete list of LumenRT features and capabilities, please click here.

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