Jadan Landscapes & LumenRT

We have recently changed our software over from 3ds Max to Sketch-up with LumenRT as the render engine, and could not be happier.

E-on: How did you learn about LumenRT?

MS: When I started working for Jadan Landscapes we were using 3ds Max to render all 3D Landscape images. This was a lengthy, time consuming process. It was for this reason we started researching other software that would replace this time consuming method. After using countess trials of other software for rendering Sketch-up models, we heard about LumenRT through a newsletter from Sketch-up. Now after purchasing the software we wouldn’t use anything else.

E-on: What are your initial reactions about LumenRT? Where do you think it will be useful in your workflow?

MS: LumenRT has been fantastic! It produces a beautiful quality render in a fraction of the time and with no real need to apply bump or displacement maps. We have almost quartered our output time and can now produce the LiveCubes for all our clients who love the fact that they can interact with our designs at their leisure at their own pace.

E-on: What is your feeling about the idea of using LumenRT LiveCubes to allow your clients to navigate and explore designs?

MS: It’s the way forward to present designs in an interactive and fun manner. There have been numerous occasions where we have used the LumenRT LiveCube and animation videos so that clients can interact with our designs. It allows us to convey our designs in a way that’s completely different to any of our competitors.

The Future

E-on: What kinds of improvements/additions would you like to see in LumenRT?

MS: I think that a night light or spot light function would be an improvement and a larger range of backdrops. For anyone looking to purchase LumenRT for Sketch-up, I would highly recommend it. This software has definitely helped myself and Jadan Landscapes produce very high quality output. We are happy that our clients leave with design presentations they are extremely pleased with.

More about Matt Stone

E-on: Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

Matt Stone (MS): I am a full time landscape designer for Jadan Landscapes. We specialize in outdoor pool and spa landscapes. While studying for my degree in exterior/ interior design over the past five years I have been exposed to many different CAD software packages including Maya, 3ds Max, Sketch-up, Vectorworks, and AutoCad.

E-on: Explain the type of projects you typically get involved with.

MS: We offer a range of custom and semi-custom design packages aimed primarily at residential clients. The Jadan Landscapes experience begins with a private consultation with a Landscape Designer in the comfort of the clients’ home. Here, ideas and vision for the outdoor space are explored, a site inspection completed and recommendations made on how to best utilize the area to create an inspirational design.