David Eric Leonard, Senior Associate at the highly respected, award winning firm KTU+A Planning and Landscape Architecture, shares his “30,000 foot view” of LumenRT.

Recently, we were involved with a Navy concept facility design and request for proposal (RFP) of a Desert Warfare Training Center. This weeklong endeavor integrated the efforts of architects, engineers, clients, landscape architects and site planners. The team chose SketchUp as means to develop the concept and LumenRT as the presentation tool.

While SketchUp proved to be the most effective tool to create the building, the primary challenge was to render illustratives and animations for the final presentation as the plans were rapidly changing up through the last minute. The obvious choice for real-time presentation media production was LumenRT. LumenRT was of course capable for the job, but just how capable, I didn't know until we really needed it.

LumenRT was of course capable for the job, but just how capable, I didn't know until we really needed it.

As the team continued to work late into Thursday night, I had to catch a red-eye. The plans were not finished, but there was not much I could do. We developed some renderings of previous iterations, but the final design intent was not effectivly conveyed. As I landed on the east coast for a layover, I received a panicked e-mail letting me know that none of our usual rendering solutions was going to turn out the required renders in time, and asking if there was anything I could produce for the presentation - from the airport lounge!

I turned to LumenRT again, and within the one hour layover I had exported the fairly large model and created a series of illustratives as well as a 30 second animation using my laptop. Having barely sent the files back to the office, I hopped onto my next flight. The team used the products in their presentation two hours later and it was extremely well received. I can really say that "LumenRT saved the day on the fly" that day! ;-)

While I can't share the majority of the images for the 70,000 SF facility due to confidentiality, I can share some of the garden images.

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